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SHOWERFRESH is the modern effective way to clean showers, urinals, floors, walls, sinks, tiles, saunas, swimming pool surrounds and other hard surfaces.


Formulated to quickly cut through limescale, soap, grease, body fats, scum, uric acid build up and other washroom soiling. Will not effect chrome and other plated surfaces.

ALL IN ONE                    

SHOWERFRESH will CLEAN, DISINFECT, DESCALE & DEODORISE in one simple action. Contains a powerful, fresh and pleasant fragrance to eliminate unpleasant odours and leaves washrooms clean and fresh smelling.


SHOWERFRESH is non-toxic and non-caustic.


May be diluted with up to 250 parts hot or cold water for fast, effective cleaning.

EASY TO USE                      

Simply spray, brush or mop SHOWERFRESH onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to penetrate the soiling and wipe off or, rinse with water.