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The modern formulation of PHOS quickly penetrates scale, grease, oils and other contaminants. Rapidly cleans and prepares steel surfaces without attacking the metal.


PHOS reduces both labour and operational time due to its built in degreaser and will therefore, both remove scale and degrease hard surfaces providing a fast acting, cost-effective, cleaning solution.


PHOS is safe on all metals, is non-toxic and gives off no obnoxious fumes.


PHOS is a concentrated formulation and may be diluted with up to 12 parts water whilst retaining it’s cleaning performance.


The modern formulation of PHOS ensures an extremely long shelf life regardless of temperature.

EASY TO USE                      

Simply immerse, spray, brush, pour or wipe onto the parts to be cleaned. No rinsing off is necessary prior to painting. No pre-heating or, pre-mixing is required.