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MP 50 quickly and safely dissolves oil, grease, dirt, foodstuffs, scrum and stains from floors, walls, machinery and other hard surfaces.


Contains powerful broad-spectrum bactericides which rapidly eliminates a wide variety of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast.


MP 50 has a deodorisng action, which instantly removes unpleasant odours absorbed into surfaces such as plastics and laminates.


MP 50 is odourless in use, does not taint foodstuffs and can therefore be used in food preparation areas. MP 50 is ideal for use on factory floors and machines.


MP 50 is free from harmful solvents and safe to use in factories, kitchens, machine shops and other heavy duty areas.

EASY TO USE                      

Simply spray, brush, mop or wipe MP 50 onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to penetrate the soiling and wipe off or rinse with water. In pressure wash machinery, dilute MP 50 accordingly.