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LIQUIZYME is a concentrated blend of enzymes and non pathogenic bacteria spores specially selected for their fat, protein, carbohydrate and starch consuming properties.


The result of this carefully selected blend of enzymes is that LIQUIZYME will quickly and effectively control the accumulation of fats, greases and other organic debris in all drains and grease traps.


LIQUIZYME is formulated to eliminate the source of malodours caused by waste, urine, food spills and blocked drains. May also used to eliminate odour from carpets, walls, floors, grout, concrete, refuse containers, slurry tanks etc.


Leaves a pleasant fragrance after use. The perfumed formulation has been specially chosen to freshen and not overpower.


Ideal for use in sewage plants, drains, grease traps, toilets, kitchens, waste sites and other sources of malodours.

EASY TO USE                      

Drains – Remove blockages. Dilute with equal parts, clean warm water, to activate the enzyme. Pour directly into the drain preferably at the end of the day. Grease traps – shock dose with 1 litre then treat at the end of every day with 50 -100 mls of LIQUIZYME to maintain.

Never add bleach, disinfectant or powerful chemicals to the drain immediately before or after treatment with LIQUIZYME as this will kill the live microbes and thus prevent digestion of fat.