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harnesses the cleaning power of naturally derived citrus oils, contains a mild antiseptic, in addition to lanolin to moisturise the skin and help replace those natural oils lost during regular hand washing.

HEAVY DUTY                       

The heavy duty formulation of HANDZ immediately loosens all forms of dirt. The tiny non abrasive polymer pellets reach into the skin folds and crevices to ensure thorough cleaning.


HANDZ quickly and effectively removes grease, oil, tar, paints, printing inks, dyes, glues, rubber and other forms of dirt and grime.


HANDZ has a pleasant, natural and fresh fragrance of CITRUS, ORANGE, LIME or traditional RED. The modern formulation of HANDZ ensures no lingering smell is left on the skin.


HANDZ contains its own highly effective antiseptic to protect against infection. The special moisturising effect of lanolin helps replace those natural oils lost during regular hand washing.

EASY TO USE                      

Place a small amount of HANDZ into the palm of the hand and rub the hands together until the dirt is loosened. Rinse off with water or wipe clean with a cloth or tissue.