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Formulated to quickly cut through heavy grease, oil, fat, carbon, traffic film, dye and other soiling. Lifts all soiling from the surface and allows it to be rinsed away.


Can be used on bare metals, painted surfaces, floors, walls, machines and other hard surfaces. GREEN MAGIC is highly concentrated and is therefore, recommended for use in power wash and floor scrubbing machinery.


Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and odourless.


May be diluted with up to 300 parts hot or cold water for fast, effective cleaning.


Modern formulation ensures a streak-free finish after cleaning.

EASY TO USE          

Simply spray, brush, mop or wipe GREEN MAGIC onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to penetrate the soiling and wipe off or rinse with water. In pressure wash machinery, dilute GREEN MAGIC accordingly