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GELDIS is a highly concentrated pine oil floor gel, which removes oil, grease, dirt, foodstuffs and other forms of soiling from wood, concrete, terrazzo, vinyl and other composition floors.


GELDIS contains natural pine oil to quickly dissolve in water and rapidly cut through dirt and grime immediately on contact.


GELDIS has a deodorisng action and leaves a clean and natural pine residual smell. GELDIS is also available in natural Lemon GELDIS LEMON


GELDIS may be diluted with up to 100 -1 with hot or cold water for fast efficient cleaning.


GELDIS is free from harmful solvents and safe to use on all hard surfaces

EASY TO USE                      

Simply add GELDIS to water, allow to dissolve, mop on to the area to be cleaned and wipe clean with a mop or cloth.