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Formulated to penetrate and dissolve heavy mineral and fuel oils, bitumen, tar, grease and other heavy soiling. FASTBREAK also dissolves chewing gum.

FAST BREAK                       

Dissolves all contaminates, emulsifies with water and within 10 minutes, separates out in the separation/interceptor tank system.


Can be used to clean most hard surfaces including, engines, machines, chassis and concrete floors. FASTBREAK dissolves tarmac, bitumen and asphalt surfaces.  


FASTBREAK is pH neutral and non-corrosive.

PLEASANT TO USE            

Has a pleasant fresh smell of natural citrus oil extracts.


FASTBREAK is highly concentrated and depending on the degree of contamination, may be diluted with up to 12 parts solvent.

EASY TO USE                      

Spray, brush or pour FASTBREAK onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow to penetrate and dissolve the contaminants. Then rinse off with water or, wipe off with an absorbent cloth. In effluent systems, allow the contaminated emulsion to settle and separate, thus allowing the water to be drained off. – Heavy Duty