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DEODOUR has been specially formulated to quickly neutralise and mask offensive odours and unpleasant smells associated with sewage plants, pig & poultry farms, drainage systems, waste disposal, landfill sites, public utilities, toilets etc.


The unique formulation of DEODOUR combats and eliminates offensive odours at source.


DEODOUR counteracts odour leaving a pleasant but not overpoweringfragrance. Available in Cherry, Apple, Pear Drops, Lemon and Pine.


DEODOUR may be diluted with up to 650 parts hot or cold water.


DEODOUR is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and safe on all surfaces in diluted form.

EASY TO USE                      

For large areas simply mist into the atmosphere at approx. 0.5-2% solution. For smaller areas, simply spray, brush or mop DEODOUR onto the surface at approx. 1-5% solution. For drainage systems, simply dose at approx. 0.5-2% solution daily or, as required.