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DeCRETE removes concrete, cement, lime scale, rust, algae and other deposits from machinery, boiler units, shower units, water lines, cooling systems, wash basins, air conditioning systems, piping, valves and tubing. Cleans swimming pools, tiles, grout and other public areas. Will remove algae and moss from patio areas and roof tiles.


DeCRETE works immediately on contact to quickly and effectively remove unwanted deposits.


DeCRETE is non-flammable, non-toxic and harmless to most paints and finishes when diluted.


May be diluted with up to 20 parts cold water for fast, effective cleaning.


DeCRETE is completely biodegradable and has no harmful effect on the natural bacteria in sewage systems or septic tanks.

 EASY TO USE                      

Simply spray, brush, pour or dip the parts to be treated in DeCRETE, allow to soak and agitate with a brush if necessary. Then rinse off with water. In boilers, pipes, tubing etc. allow to circulate until the de-scaling action is completed.